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9 December 2015
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23 March 2016

We’re growing! Reds10 Welcome a New FF&E Installation Manager

If you follow our blog regularly, you will have seen case studies of the various projects we’ve been busy with over the last few months. One of the most important elements that allow us to be proud of each project we deliver is our team: the people who make the company what it is today, whether they are ‘in the field’ or at HQ, are specialists in their areas, allowing Reds10 to always have the best port of call for each individual project phase.

And now, following a gruelling interview and selection process, Reds10 are pleased to welcome a new member to our team! Mogos joins the expanding team as our newest FF&E Installation Manager, spending most of his days on-site, making sure everything is going to plan.

But today, we managed to grab a few moments with him to get his thoughts on the role so far and to learn a bit more about him (there may have been some coffee-based bribery involved, we admit, but all in the name of good conversation!).

Mogos, welcome! Tell us a bit more about your background.

Sure. I’m originally from Sfantu Gheorghe in central Romania (what used to be Transylvania, a long time ago!), where I grew up and studied until 2004. After that, I worked in Spain and then the UK, where I now live with my wife and our five-year-old son. I started my career as a driver and handyman and that, along with my international work experience, became a natural stepping stone to further my career in FF&E installation, ultimately working myself up to my role today.

Wow, sounds like you’ve indeed experienced some varied roles in the UK and beyond. So, after all that, what attracted you to Reds10?

It’s simple – I originally started working with the company on an ad-hoc basis on a few projects and through that experience, I learned that I found a company, which not only suits me as a person, but also works on projects, which I would be proud to be involved in and I hope will ultimately allow me to keep pushing myself in terms of my career.

Well that seems like a no-brainer. And what is it that you’re striving for in this role?

More of the same, to be honest. Projects I enjoy working on, helping to push the company’s portfolio further ahead and of course the opportunity to continually improve myself in the field.

Thanks so much for your time, Mogos! Congratulations again on your role!

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