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Modular Sustainability

Modular housing offers a lot of advantages that you might not necessarily expect. One of the key benefits is their sustainability, in terms of cost and the environment. This makes them a definite worthwhile investment.

People across the globe are on the look out for cheap, alternative housing. Prefabricated builds are becoming increasingly more popular. This doesn’t just include homes it’s also relevant to commercial property.

The materials involved in modular construction tend to be either recycled or sustainable building materials. Shipping containers are often used as the base of modular builds. In itself this is an effective recycling method, making them environmentally sound, in comparison to building a house from scratch. Most shipping containers are versatile, they can be constructed easily in order to create different sized buildings.

On the whole almost nothing used in the construction of modular building goes to waste, for example: strips of sheetrock that are leftover end up being used as reinforcements for the seams of walls. The off-site manufacturing nature of means that waste is reduced even further, due to limited use of packing materials and the repetitive process, which makes best use of all materials.

Not only does the inside manufacturing mean waste reduction, but it also helps to reduce the impact on air quality, trapping environmental contaminants, before they have the chance to get into the atmosphere. The disruption is significantly minimal overall in comparison to your typical building site. There is not the need for heavy weight equipment, which means that emissions are low – diminishing that carbon footprint!

In terms of the structure people often express concern about the sustainability of prefabricated buildings, but should they? The exterior deteriorates of course at some point, however this is not any different to conventional housing methods. What makes the structural element of modular buildings so great is that they can be in a sense “deconstructed” and reused at other locations. This continual recyclable nature of modular construction is what leads to its sustainability.

The environmental sustainability is one of the strongest selling points of modular builds, but the benefits also include time and cost efficiency. With prefabricated housing it really is the best of all three worlds. If you would like any further information on prefabricated housing then feel free to get in touch with us at Reds10:

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