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10 January 2015
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3 March 2015

Reds10 Sponsor Food for All Day 2015

It will come as no surprise that here at Reds10, we’re heavily involved in the Education sector. With some of our favourite recent projects involving helping schools to expand and develop better suited areas for our youngsters to learn (take a look through some of our case studies here), we’re always on the lookout of new ways to get involved.

This January, an opportunity materialised for us not only to keep a finger on the pulse of the Education sector, but also to give back to our community – something we hold very dear. Reds10 were honoured to be able to sponsor the Tauheedul Charity’s Food for All Day.

The purpose of the day, a national event in the diaries of schools across the country, was primarily to create and raise awareness of food waste and food poverty across the UK. Though that’s not all – the day’s activities are also designed to develop a collective community spirit and encourage schools and their pupils to think of innovative ways to tackle the global problems of food waste and food poverty.

We, for one, can safely say that the nation’s schools are one step closer to achieving these objectives. With a turnout of 6,000 pupils from 22 schoolsacross 12 cities in the UK, just the level of involvement is a force not to be reckoned with. If that wasn’t enough, the initiative and its children managed to collect a whopping 10 tonnes of non-perishable foods and raise £10,000 across the board. Now that’s something any of us adults would have justifiably been proud of.

Feedback from all of the schools has been immensely positive and we hope to see an even better turnout next year!

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