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22 October 2014
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Reds10: Amazing & unusual uses of the Container

We say it over and over, but it’s because we mean it – prefabricated container builds do not have to be boring. There’s a whole range of ways that containers can be used for particular purposes, niche and even not so niche. In this post we take a look at some of the amazing and unusual uses of the container.

The Portable Hotel

This hotel complex made up of converted shipping containers can be set up in as little as 48 hours. It’s the ideal solution for festivals and events. The rooms sleep up to four guests, filled with drawers, double beds or bunk beds, storage space, flat screen TVs, a safe, power sockets and of course wifi – not forgetting a private toilet and shower in each room.

Student Accommodation

This student accommodation in South Africa is an innovative solution; property developers in Johannesburg are using abandoned properties and re-purposed materials for student housing, offering hundreds of students living space.



Shipping containers have become the perfect home for new bars. The one pictured above is in Austin, Texas. It has an outside area, but it’s covered from what the weather may bring, so you still get the joy of fresh air.


Yes, even one of the largest corporations in the world has got involved in the shipping container hype – with a drive-thru Starbucks.


The image above displays a self-sufficient shipping container designed by a Canadian firm. The sauna has a redwood cedar sauna fueled with a built-in stove and rooftop solar panels that supply electricity for both music and lighting!


Shipping containers were the main infrastructure for the Manchester International Festival. 78 containers created an acoustical playground for both children as well as adults.

We’re sure you’ll have gained some inspiration for modular container builds after reading this post – it seems the possibilities are endless. If you want advice on modular buildings then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Images: GizMagInhabitat, Meeting Dots, Dear CoffeeGardenistaBBC

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