Modular Envy – Pod on the Edge of the Earth
19 June 2014
A History of Modular Buildings
19 June 2014

World firsts – modular builds that have pushed the design barriers.

Here we take a look at the extensive innovation within the modular industry and explore Pre-Fabs that have become the first of their kind.

The World’s First Modular Boat

Now owning a boat is always cool, but owning a modular boat is seriously cool! Ethos E30 is a modular boat that harnesses the flexibility of modular with features that can be rearranged depending on what you need the boat for. Be it fishing or pleasure sailing, you can modify the shape quickly and easily to suit your purpose.


The World’s First Modular Castle

Because modular homes are custom built, you can really stamp your own design on them. They say the Englishman’s home is his castle and this resident has obviously taken the age-old aphorism to heart!

Whilst your own modular build aspirations might be more modest, these World Firsts show just how much is possible within the industry. Reds10 are here to get your project off the ground no matter what the scope or scale.
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Image: Boxpark,SnoozeCubeThe EconomistEthos BoatsCastle Homes

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