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19 June 2014
World firsts – modular builds that have pushed the design barriers.
19 June 2014

Modular Envy – Pod on the Edge of the Earth

The Refuge Gervasutti in the Italian Alps is one we wish was ours!

This stunning and futuristic Modular Pre-Fab is so much more than a shelter for weary mountaineers. The fact it looks more like a spaceship than anything earthly is very fitting given Gervasutti’s high altitude at 2833 meters above sea level.



The Freboudze glacier is located near the Monst Blanc Mountain Range, a popular mountaineering area near Turin, Northern Italy. The Italian Alpine Club commissioned the structure overlooking the glacier in 2011 as a practical but aesthetically adventurous alternative to the traditional mountain refuge.


The modular structure is an ideal solution to the demanding environment which would make on-site fabrication almost impossible and the design allows for future expansion and part replacement should the harsh elements take their toll. The exterior colours provide an important and easily recognisable reference point for mountaineers and the red patterning is inspired by a stiched mountaineering pullover to envoke comfort and warmth. The pod is entirely self sufficient in terms of energy with a photo voltaic film on the outer-shell enough to power all the refuge’s equipment.


Just how did they get the pod assembled? The location of The Freboudze called for nothing less than helicopter delivery. Each module was completely prefabricated, including the exterior and interior fittings. Thanks to their light-weight design, helicopter delivery was relatively straightforward and the entire pod was assembled onsite in a matter of hours.


Whilst you might not be trekking up a glacier anytime in the near future, this case study demonstrates the extraordinary potential of modular builds as solutions to the toughest logistical challenges. If you’ve got an ambitious design need, why not give Reds10 a call today – you’ll be surprised at what we can do!


Images: DezeenLeap Factory

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