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19 June 2014
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19 June 2014

Modular Builds for your School

Modular builds and your school

With massive increases in population over the last ten years, the UK is facing unprecedented demands on its schools. The birth rate in England between 2001 and 2011 was comparable to the baby-boom of the 1950s, and has resulted in schools all over the country facing big challenges in the coming years.

The problem has been addressed to some extent, with extra funding being allocated to new school places and disused buildings being adapted into classroom space. But when there are thousands of children in need of a school place, isn’t a quicker solution needed to solve this urgent problem?

Modular building of the kind Reds10 specialises in is one such solution. It provides secure and energy-efficient accommodation for organisations like schools in need of durable structures for the short to mid-term future.

Here are just a few of the benefits of using modular buildings in a school setting.

If your school is suffering with overcrowding, or if you can relate to these problems within your own business, then Reds10 might be able to help. Get in touch with the professional team today to see what they can do.


Images: Clear Space BuildingsGreenbiz

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