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12 February 2014
Modular Builds for your School
19 June 2014

Modular building: what does it involve?

Modular building is one of Reds10’s main areas of expertise, but there is still a bit of confusion out there surrounding the process and how it works. Scores of people and organisations have been learning about the many advantages of modular building in the last few years and the practice is now taking off in a big way.

Here are five facts about modular building that will hopefully shed some light on how a modular building is put together, from start to finish.

Hopefully this has shown you the main benefits of modular building and given you some ideas about how it might be useful for you. If you want to find out more about modular building and Reds10’s experience in the area, call the experienced team today.

Images: The ManufacturerInfoworksLogismarketHaltik

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