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12 February 2014
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Reds10 appointed by Tauheedul Education Trust

Building on a successful start to the year, Reds10 is pleased to announce its appointment as FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment) consultants to the Tauheedul Education Trust. Tauheedul Education match Reds10’s commitment to excellence, and both companies are excited about the potential of this new partnership.

Reds10 will be working closely with Tauheedul Education as well as the architects and main contractors to create a unified design across the Trust’s schools. Collaborating in this way will allow Reds10 to take control of furniture as one of its main areas of expertise, as well as contributing to a wider design vision in conjunction with other parties.

As seasoned collaborators in this area, Reds10 is looking forward to working within this new relationship and creating a stronger brand for Tauheedul Education through their physical presence across the country.

Design strategy

As FF&E consultants for Tauheedul Education, Reds10 will be implementing a consistent design strategy for furniture in all of the Trust’s schools. This will help the Trust create a coherent physical environment in all their properties in a simple and cost-effective way. It will also help Tauheedul schools become more recognisable at first glance.

This is the main area that Reds10 will be taking ownership of during the project, while working with other parties to ensure effective design and smooth delivery.


Part of this project will involve strengthening the Trust’s brand by incorporating brand design into its physical presences. All aspects of the project will contribute to this goal, with Reds10 playing a major part with various FF&E features.


Reds10 will also be helping Tauheedul Education in the long run by creating an independent procurement strategy for the Trust. This will help simplify the process of procurement and boost the Trust’s buying power, allowing them to continue building their brand and infrastructure without costly procedures slowing down progress.

This is an important project that will make a difference to the learning experience of hundreds of young people, and the Reds10 team hope you share their excitement about the finished result.

Look out for developments on this project and others on the Reds10 website. If you want to discuss your furniture or modular building needs, get in touch via the online form and a member of the Reds10 team will be happy to help.

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