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12 February 2014
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12 February 2014

Project spotlight: Temporary accommodation for the homeless in Brighton

Reds10 recently worked on a project in Brighton aimed at giving homeless people in the city a roof over their heads. With an estimated 70 to 100 people sleeping rough in Brighton every night, homelessness has been a serious problem in the city for a number of years.

The Brighton Housing Trust has been doing some amazing work to reduce the stress of homelessness, including helping people to find safe and secure accommodation. However, the BHT hasn’t been involved with building any new accommodation for around 15 years, and this is where Reds10 came in.

Following a similar project in the Netherlands, Reds10 have built a complex of temporary flats made out of converted shipping containers. This unusual block of flats was built incredibly quickly and cost-effectively, and it has the potential to be moved elsewhere in the future.

The flats provide clean and functional living spaces that are more than big enough for one person. They also feature ‘starter packs’ of furniture and fittings from Homebase, another company involved in the development. Reds10 worked in collaboration with both Homebase and the BHT along with QED Property to bring this ambitious project to life.

The block comprises 36 flats in all, giving it the potential to halve the number of people sleeping on the streets of Brighton. Andy Winter, Chief Executive of BHT, said “there is an acute shortage of affordable accommodation” in Brighton, and that the new block of flats “makes a small contribution to tackling the ever-increasing need for housing in Brighton and Hove”.

The containers are sitting on land that has been earmarked for future development. Since long-term regeneration won’t take place here for a number of years, putting up structures like this allows the land to be used constructively until it is ready for more permanent buildings.

While this is a temporary solution to homelessness, it is hoped that the flats will also help their occupants in the long-term. One new occupant of the Brighton flats is Kim Harvey, who has been homeless since her parents died. Speaking about the project, she said “hopefully it will lead to better things. It’s beautiful – I can’t actually believe how big they are. I feel like I finally have a chance of starting over and rebuilding my life”.

With some housing charities estimating that the average life expectancy of those sleeping on the streets is just 42, this development will make huge improvements to people’s lives and ultimately offer them a brighter future.

If you’re looking for similar modular building solutions or first-class creative furnishings, Reds10 would be happy to discuss your plans with you. Get in touch via email or give us a call today.

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