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3 July 2020
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14 August 2020

Reds10 partner with VSimulators to improve building performance

Reds10 are proud to announce our partnership with VSimulators, a joint venture between the Universities of Exeter, Bath and Leicester, for multi-disciplinary research in human factors engineering. With VSimulators, Reds10 intend to participate in cutting edge research to develop building and technology solutions that improve building performance, user experience and the wellbeing and productivity of building occupants.

Supported by internationally leading academic researchers and consultants within Building Engineering and Physics, Architecture, Vibration Engineering, Biomechanics, Medical Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, VSimulators is currently comprised of two state-of-the-art facilities.

The 8x8m self-contained room at the University of Exeter, which completed in early 2020, and the 3x4m environmental test chamber at the University of Bath, can be fully customised to mimic environments in which building users will live and work, allowing researchers to test their psychological and physiological responses to changes in temperature, vibration, light and more. The facilities make use of synchronised virtual reality, full human body and structural motion capture, selected control of key environmental stressors for building inhabitants (vibration, light, temperature, air quality and noise) and more.

Fundamental research projects, where VSimulators could be used, include for example: working in a high rise office building, virtually walking through a newly designed building, investigating options for biophilic design, understanding human responses to environment or dancing in a virtual reality created crowded concert venue .

In December 2019, our CEO Paul Ruddick and Chairman Matt Bennion visited both the sites in Bath and Exeter and were able to experience their capabilities first-hand.

Paul had this to say about the partnership:

“The pioneering work that VSimulators do is truly inspiring and I am looking forward to seeing how it accelerates the thinking on how buildings are designed, built and operated. The VSimulators mission fits seamlessly with our passion to equip society to live, learn and thrive in amazing spaces. Our expertise in offsite modular construction combined with the research capability in VSimulators is a fantastic opportunity for enabling disruptive innovation within the built environment. I just hope the industry is ready because our work together will be changing the game!’ ”

‘Julie Lewis-Thompson, Commercial Manager, VSimulators also commented:

“Reds10 are an innovative company with a rapidly growing reputation for the design and delivery of modular construction to create amazing spaces. We are thrilled at the opportunity to work with Reds10 in transforming the construction industry, combining Reds10’s knowledge of user experiences and their willingness to push the boundaries of modular construction, with our expert academic research capability in human factor responses to the built environment.”

As a company dedicated to constantly pushing ourselves and the industry, we are pleased to be able to partner with VSimulators in a commitment to share knowledge, collaborate on future research and provide opportunities to students from either university. Indeed, we currently have a student from the University of Bath working with us and we are looking forward to seeing our relationship develop.

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