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29 June 2020
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3 July 2020

Reds10’s commitment to better than carbon neutral at zero cost

As London Climate Action Week gets underway, we asked our CEO Paul Ruddick to share his views on responding to the climate emergency.

A year ago, the first ever London Climate Action Week (LCAW) took place after the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, announced a climate emergency. This year, it takes place again, albeit digitally, and runs from yesterday to Friday 3 July. We applaud the effort that has gone in to hold this event again despite the circumstances – we must continue to have conversations about how we become more sustainable. And we must act on them!

At Reds10, we’re committed to the net zero carbon agenda, but we aren’t stopping there. We have made a pledge to deliver better than carbon neutral at zero extra cost. This is one of 10 goals that we have set ourselves to shape the future of our industry and meet our own mission of ‘creating amazing spaces with 100% productivity”.

So how are we going to do it? Well, we’ve already started. We have invested in substantial research and development to improve every aspect of what we do. This has led to the development of a lightweight concrete flooring system to reduce embodied carbon and transport, and we now deliver air tightness of three times best practice levels. We also undertake whole life carbon and embodied construction impacts assessment as standard and are partnering with advanced technology providers, which has led to SMART Building Controls installed in all our new buildings to drive productivity as well as reduce energy use.

Over the next two years, we’ll be going further. In design and construction, data-led design will remove redundancy, our SMART technology will continue to extend asset life and low carbon products will be used in our manufacturing. In operation, we’ll use active systems management and technology to reduce operational energy use while promoting health and wellbeing. Renewable energy and on-site storage will make our projects environmentally friendly and self-sufficient.

All of our efforts are based on a firm belief that off-setting does not go far enough and that achieving carbon negative is possible without it. We believe there are six critical success factors when designing for carbon negative:

We’ll be able to prove it works too, with advanced technology and software that can measure everything, from design and construction to post occupancy operation.

Property and our built environment are responsible for 40% of emissions in the UK. Now is not the time to do just enough or kick the can down the road; now is the time to go much further. If there was ever a lesson from Covid-19, it’s that we can do incredible things when we have to and make an enormous difference to people’s lives in the process. The climate crisis response is about safeguarding our planet and our future, and we have the opportunity now to be bold, bullish and go beyond compliance to make our world safer, healthier and more sustainable for everyone.

We’d love to hear how you’re making a difference and whether we could do anything together that would deliver an even better outcome. Why not get in touch via email, our website form, or via our social media channels:


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