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7 August 2014
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Can a Modular Building be Remodelled?

In our line of work a query that seems to come up a lot is: “can a modular building be remodelled?” If so, how does the process differ to reconstruction on a ‘normal’ building?

They’re both good questions considering the fact that modular buildings are best recognised as the faster and more efficient option to go for when you’re looking to build.

Renovations are typically known for being a lot of effort to go ahead with. When you consider the time spent on planning, design and the construction there’s a lot to think about and initiate. It’s interesting to contemplate on how modular reconstructions might stand in this equation...

Modular buildings are no exception when it comes to getting tired and worn as years pass by - we’d be lying if we said they were any different. However, when permanent modular builds are in need of a renovation, it is a lot easier to make changes than with your standard building.

From adding or removing prefabricated modules to reconfiguring floor plans: remodeling prefabricated buildings is a simple yet ultimately effective solution. Within weeks changes can be made without the disruption that usually comes along with renovation. This is perfect whether you’re a homeowner or concerned over office buildings.

It should be noted that it is not just long term modular buildings that can be remodelled - temporary modular buildings are just as easy to convert. This is particularly poignant for business that are growing and need more room.

The modules of mobile offices get sent back to the factories and can be totally stripped down and even rebuilt. These remanufactured modules are then returned straight back to service with a finish that looks as good as new!

Knowing whether you can make changes to your home or your office is vital - especially if your family or business is likely to grow in the future. Adaptable living is an important ideal. If you need help or advice on remodelling a modular building, don’t hesitate to give Reds10 a ring!

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