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5 August 2014
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10 September 2014

Reds10: Spotlight on Modular Retreats

There’s so many variations in accommodation to choose from when you’re planning a holiday – hotels, apartments, caravans, cottages, even camping, but I bet you haven’t considered the concept of a modular getaway.

Let’s be honest, the term modular doesn’t sound overly appealing when you’re thinking about a retreat, but this shouldn’t lead to a clear cut dismissal. They’re actually rapidly becoming all the craze, especially in coastal and rural settings and they can offer a cheaper holiday alternative in comparison to your standard apartment or cottage. If price alone isn’t enough to convince you on this, then maybe the minimal upkeep required for them to be kept in good condition will, or perhaps their eco-friendly nature will sway you.

A modular retreat could be the perfect answer to avoiding the stress of travelling abroad, by staying in the UK at your home away from home, in comfortable surroundings. Although we shouldn’t lead you to believe that this new accommodation is limited to the UK; modular builds are an international phenomenon.

Obviously design is a key point to factor in and surprisingly there’s little to no restrictions with these homes – they can be as luxurious as you please! This paradise in Mallorca is the perfect example.

The stunning villa is H-shaped, wrapping around an incredible interior courtyard with a pool and lounging or dining space in the form of a patio. It consists of four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a master bedroom – including a dressing room, obviously and an en suite, a spa, kitchen and a living room.

With over 30 years experience in modular construction – nationally and internationally – Reds10 can help and advise you how to create your dream modular holiday home. Why settle for the ordinary when you could have your very own quirky abode?

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