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27 February 2023
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Looking ahead in 2023 with Joseph Whiteley, Social Value & Engagement Lead

As we get truly settled into 2023, we’ve taken some time with Joseph, to talk about something close to the hearts of everyone at Reds10: social value. He talks to us not only about what Reds10 is doing in this arena and why it is so important to the company, but also why it is a key topic for the construction industry as a whole.

Over to you, Joseph.

So, Joseph, let’s start with this: is social value just a buzzword?

Social Value has taken many different names and headings over the years and for many businesses has been an opportunity to boost their marketing and public relations. However, if done correctly and with purpose, the social value generated will naturally do that and at the same time, be life-changing for businesses, communities and the world.

Social value can incorporate a wide range of areas, including economic, social and environmental factors and while the concept of social value is not new, it has gained increasing attention in recent years as more businesses have recognised the importance of considering the impact of their actions on society and the environment. As a result, the term "social value" has become more widely used and The Public Services (Social Value) Act was passed into law and requires public sector buyers to assess the positive contribution to society in all its contracts.

Why do companies need to do their part in this arena?

The concept of social value is important and should not be dismissed as simply a buzzword. Regardless of the size of the business, anyone can contribute to social value and still make a positive lasting impact. Businesses need to look at their core values and need to ensure that their business activities are aligned with social and environmental values. Generating new jobs, creating training opportunities, improving health and well-being and supporting local communities all have the potential to generate significant social value. Many businesses are already contributing to social value and simply aren’t aware of it. Once you start to recognise your social impact and the benefits this creates, it can become very rewarding.

Social value is essential and helps to create a more sustainable, equitable, and healthy world for all. Imagine the possibilities…

Saying all of that, why was Reds10 your choice?

I think many of us remember the old temporary buildings at school that would more often than not become permanent fixtures to the playground and car parks. When I thought of modular buildings, that’s what always came to mind. Reds10 was described to me as a game-changer in the industry when it came to modular construction and at the core of business sat social value. I’ve been lucky to see first-hand the construction process in our modular factory and it is remarkable to watch a building concept become an amazing operational space that encapsulates quality, design and value for money.

What is evident with Reds10 is that they recognise that the construction industry has a significant impact on society and the built environment, and as such, has the potential to make a positive difference in the world. Making a difference was at the forefront of my career and joining Reds10 has allowed me to take ownership of a role that gives me the freedom to develop initiatives that are designed to create a positive and lasting impact.

Had Reds10 achieved anything particularly exciting in 2022?

Reds10 had a fantastic year, not only delivering amazing spaces to happy clients, securing new contracts and not to mention taking home the Contractor of the Year Building Award. Our efforts have not gone unnoticed, and the results have been truly outstanding. The social value programs and initiatives we have put in place have made a huge impact on the communities we serve. Our support of local charities such as CRASH raised over £27,000 in aid and saw us win the Meet Your Mountain Challenge 2022. The Reds10 team were the first to fully commit to the Challenge and did so with huge enthusiasm from the beginning, fundraising in aid of a construction charity, which Reds10 have been a Corporate Patron of since 2018.

We placed significant investment in learning and development, introducing T-Levels to our educational offer with the aim of inspiring young people to careers within the construction industry. We are working with schools and colleges across the country, offering work experience opportunities in our offices, factories and construction sites. Young people have been given the opportunity to work across the different sectors within our company, allowing them to have first-hand experience with the vast career opportunities available to them.

Reds10 were delighted to have become a main partner of Hull City Ladies Football Club. Reds10 is on a mission to break down barriers and increase participation in our respective sectors. Both parties have made positive impacts in the community by creating pathways and further opportunities for people in our region to increase confidence, knowledge and skills by developing and creating programmes with businesses, communities, schools, supporters and the wider local community. Together, we can have an even bigger impact and will see this partnership grow in 2023.

Finally, our focus on sustainability has helped to make the world a better place for our army personnel. The award-winning Net-Zero Carbon Accommodation Programme (NetCAP) reached another key milestone by delivering the UK Defence Training Estate (DTE)’s first double-storey carbon-negative buildings.

Not only have these efforts improved the lives of those in need, but they have also brought our team together, creating a sense of unity and purpose. We are proud of our accomplishments and look forward to continuing to lead the way in promoting social value. We understand the importance of finding the right balance between economic success and social responsibility, and we are dedicated to creating a sustainable future for ourselves, our employees, and the planet. Our successes last year serve as proof of the positive change that can be made when we all work towards a common goal. We are confident that our efforts will inspire others to join us in creating a future where people can live, learn, and thrive for generations to come.

What are you most excited about for 2023?

Unsurprisingly, Reds10 has several new projects in the pipeline with new and existing clients signed up to receive one or more of our amazing spaces. This will bring several exciting challenges and I look forward to implementing new and innovative strategies in the upcoming year that not only meet our client’s social value requirements but also prioritise and enhance the social, environmental and economic impact of the communities they serve. This will include initiatives such as sustainable building practices, community engagement programs, and training and employment opportunities for underrepresented groups. My goal is to ensure Reds10 create a positive legacy for future generations and demonstrates the industry's commitment to responsible and inclusive growth.

I will be working closely with the Reds10 team to reinforce our social value commitments and will create a central hub for reporting social value and monitoring KPIs for all our sectors. 2023 will allow us to unearth new ways we can generate social value through our operations, buildings, and services, and to continue seeking out new ways to make a positive impact. I am enthusiastic to involve all our stakeholders, including employees, customers, and community members, in the reporting process to ensure our social value efforts are aligned with their needs and values.

I am most looking forward to enhancing social value through meaningful collaboration with our partners. I will look to our partners to bring their unique perspectives and expertise to the table, and we will work together to develop innovative solutions that address social, environmental and economic challenges. This will include sharing best practices, co-designing projects, and providing training and support to build capacity and drive positive change.

Through these partnerships, we will create a positive impact that goes beyond the traditional boundaries of our business and contributes to the long-term well-being of the communities we serve. I believe that by working together, we can achieve more than we can alone, and I look forward to making a positive difference through our joint efforts.

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