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1 February 2022
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Reds10 Community Initiative supports Driffield Men in Sheds

As part of the community initiative at our factory in Driffield, East Yorkshire, we've recently visited Driffield Men In Sheds, a registered charity that’s all about friendship building, sharing skills and knowledge, and of course, plenty of tea drinking and having a good laugh.

Reds10 who have previously donated to the local Cadets and the Driffield Foodbank decided that Men in Sheds, with their shared interest in all things construction would be the perfect recipient.

The Shed, like many others across the country, is about people coming together to share practical skills and to fix or make things - the sort of jobs that men (and women!) do in their garage or shed at home. But working in a shed at home can be restrictive and often solitary - Driffield Men In Sheds is just the opposite.

We had the pleasure of making a donation to our local Shed, which has been used for an engraving router. This will allow personalisation of items they make. The 'Shedders', as they call themselves, are currently working on planters for a nearby park, bug hotels and bird boxes, one of which they presented to our Business Coordinator, Karen Purdy.

Thank you particularly to Digby, Mark and Ian, who were instrumental in making this happen.

We'll see you soon for another cuppa!

The people I met there were great and were very enthusiastic about their venture. They obviously get a lot from being there whether that be company, a chance to help others or improve their own skills and to see their work being used for local community projects must make it a very rewarding experience. It was great to see the etching router in action and I know it will be put to good use over the coming years.

Karen Purdy, Business Coordinator

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