Longdean School modular school building sketch
Reds10 Appointed to Longdean School
9 May 2016
Modular School building plan drawing
Modular School Buildings: Why are they the popular choice?
30 August 2016

We’re growing! Reds10 welcome a FF&E Designer

At Reds10, we believe that one of the most important assets of the company is its people. We’re confident that the right people in the right roles will naturally lead to our best work (whether its modular, construction or FF&E) so we’re always on the lookout for our next rising star.

Fresh blood also means we can keep our work fresh, bringing new ideas to the table and making sure we all push our vision of each project that little bit further.

And so, we’re extremely excited to welcome Diana, our new FF&E Designer to the Reds10 family. The first few months in a new role are always extremely busy, but we managed to sit down with Diana recently, to ask her a few questions and catch up on her thoughts so far.

Diana, again welcome to the family! Tell us a little about your background.

Well, I was born in Kenya, but grew up pretty locally in Croydon/Mitcham. After my A levels, I studied Interior Design at Kingston University, before finding my niche in building design. I’ve always been a creative person, so I knew I would ultimately end up in a design-based role, but my previous opportunities with Sigrun Sverrisdottir and Bentalls set me on the track I am today and I haven’t looked back! My professional background is in design for both residential and commercial projects, overseeing assigned projects from concept through to installation, which has been a great help for my role at Reds10.

Yes, that does sound like the perfect fit! So what was it that attracted you to Reds10?

Mainly, it was the opportunity for career progression within a company, which I think shares my values of team work, innovative design and consultancy-led projects. I also saw the opportunity to gain further experience, which I think is key for me to be able to develop professionally.

And? Do you think you found the right place?

Absolutely, so far it’s been exactly what I’d expected and hoped for. The team have been super supportive and have made me feel extremely welcome. Exactly as I thought they would!

We’re glad! Finally, what do you see in your Reds10 future?

I hope to continue progressing within the company to ensure I am doing my part to help the team reach the common goal.

Sounds good to us! Thanks for your time and congratulations again on your new role!

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