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9 September 2015
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Giving back to the local community

Perhaps this comes as no surprise, due to our previous involvement with K10, but we at Reds10 believe in giving young people a fighting chance in their career. We all remember coming towards the end of our time in education and racking our brains as to the most suitable next steps for our individual lives and careers, while attempting to avoid the cataclysmic void of trying to stand out among our peers, just so we can get noticed and get that life-changing opportunity.

So when a chance comes along to help a young person in this first step into the professional world, especially when it’s someone from our own local community, we can’t find a reason to decline, which is remotely good enough.

Earlier this year, we partnered up with Spark!, a pioneering Education Business Partnership charity working with young people to help them understand what to expect when they join the workforce. Hosted by GSK, Spark! were established in in 1980 and gained charitable trust in 2010, so have a long history in the sector. In 2014, they launched their work placements to all young people aged 14-19 in schools and colleges across the UK, attempting to bridge the gap between students, schools and employers nationwide.

As the workplace becomes ‘crowded’ with more candidates, we as an employer know the importance of our new staff standing out from the crowd and at such a young age, the opportunities are of course much more limited. This is why we decided to offer a placement to a local student (very local in fact, from Raynes’ Park High School) over the course of a week, so that they can see first-hand what to expect from employment in the construction and FF&E industry.

Spark! and Raynes’ Park High School were the correct choice for Reds10, not only because of our fondness for our neighbors, but mainly because we are acutely aware that work experience placements for Key Stage 4 (GCSE) pupils have drastically decreased since 2010. Although placements for older pupils have increased in the same amount of time, undertaking a placement at that stage means missing out on invaluable knowledge and experience prior to A Level course selection and therefore potentially adding obstacles into one’s path at a later date.

We wish them all the success in the future and hope to cross paths again next year!

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