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10 July 2015
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Spotlight: Our Administration Apprentice, Nicole Piggott

If you follow our blog posts regularly, you will have seen all of the exciting projects we work on, up and down the country, come rain or shine. But Reds10 isn’t just those of us that are in the field each day. Beavering away in the background, like a group of Santa’s Elves, is a whole team of people who we rely on day-to-day, so that we can focus on meeting deadlines, budgets and an array of life’s little surprises, which are designed to keep us on our toes.

Helping us make the magic happen are the admin team, based in Reds10 HQ – and this, is where we’ll be spending some time today. Our latest addition to the team is Nicole, an apprentice hoping to gain some practical experience as she embarks on the path to finding her ultimate career.

Earlier in the week, we caught up with Nicole to ask her how she’s finding things and what she’s hoping to achieve.

So Nicole, tell us a little about your background.

Well, I’m pretty local – I actually live in Clapham, which makes for a lovely commute and that’s definitely a bonus in London! After finishing school, I went onto college, where I got my A Levels and then onto the world of work. I’d been working in retail for three years and realised that I didn’t seem to be going anywhere. I wanted something that I could call a career.

So something a little more ambitious? And something where you could learn on the job?

Exactly. I’d decided that there were elements of my retail experience, which I enjoyed and wanted to carry on making the most of – like my customer service and communication skills – but essentially I wanted something with a little more career progression and also some more ‘standard’ working hours.

And here you are. What is it that you’re hoping to achieve through your time here?

Ultimately, I’m working towards a Level 3 Qualification in Business Administration. So the apprenticeship is aimed at giving me first-hand experience of a working office environment. I personally hope that this will give me a head start at securing a job at the end of my qualifications

We can’t see that being an issue. How have you found it so far?

It’s early days yet – I only started in May! But already I can say it’s definitely a steep learning curve. No two days are the same and I already know that the experience is invaluable. This week I’ve been focusing on training with our accounting package and I think I’m getting the hang of it pretty quickly! The placement itself is exactly what I was after – I feel I am constantly challenged, but the team in the office are a great support, so I’ve been able to enjoy it as well.

Thanks Nicole, we’ve loved having you so far and look forward to catching up on your progress again soon!

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