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10 October 2014
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16 October 2014

Orkney Rugby Sevens Contest

The many hands that make light work at Reds10 HQ took a journey up north to get heavy handed - in the most sporting of senses - with the local Rugby teams of Orkney.

Our tight-knit team ventured to one of the most northern extremities of the British Isles to prove their mettle against the islanders of the beautiful isle of Mainland Orkney in a Rugby Sevens contest.

The matches were fiercely contested by all teams and resulted in no little amount of applause from all sides for the vim and sportsmanship that each team deployed on the rugby pitch

In the end, the lasting result of the tournament could be seen in the grins on the faces of all that played; these lasted until well after the sporting event was over.

We pride ourselves on providing an entire end to end solution in-house. To do this, our team has to be as tight knit as possible. If that requires more trips back up to take on the Islanders, then so be it. Our many hands will make light work of them again.

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