The Myths of Modular Building – Fact or Fiction?
19 June 2014
Habitable Containers
18 July 2014

Posh Pre-Fabs

In this blog we take a look at some ambitious design feats, both traditional and modern, that really demonstrate how far Pre-Fabs have come since their large-scale implementation in the 1940s. No longer merely a practical solution to a housing crisis, all of these opulent homes were constructed off-site as modular builds to the highest spec with no luxury spared.

So whatever your design preference, there’s a Posh Pre-Fab out there for you! The beauty of modular buildings is that they come in at a fraction of the cost of on-site construction, meaning that the dream could one day become the reality.

Images: Creative HomeBest House DesignUjoliMakaaniq Makaan

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