Reds10 can offer initial advice over procurement routes, financing and how to get the inception of a project off the ground. This is lead from our senior consultant team, all coming from some of the biggest names within the PM/PQS industry.

Reds10 can then offer concept and space planning advice and services to ensure that the project maximises cost efficiencies that can be gained from the use of high specification modular construction. This will allow customers to be able to provide the premium quality and maximise amount of floor space for below the cost per metre of all know cost independent benchmarking systems available.

Reds10 can also convert most types of designs that may already have progressed through to RIBA stage 3 into an efficient modular construction or a hybrid modular / traditional installation.

Reds10 would advise all of our customers that the earlier you can get Reds10 involved with a project (or if you can get us involved at inception), this is where the best value for money will be achieved and maximise the possibilities for the project.

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